As D.M. Wenceslao and Associates, Inc. strives to build a better nation by creating sustainable city-scale real estate products, the policies, processes, and programs of its businesses are focused and aligned to support these five (5) pillars of sustainability:

• Quality of Life

• Environmental Stewardship

• Good Governance and Ethical Business Practice

• People-Centric Labor Practices

• Economic Development



Quality of Life. The masterplan for our estate is centered on providing world-class quality of living to our locators and customers through immediate access to necessary facilities and infrastructure, cleanliness and safety, pedestrian mobility, and constant innovation to align with emerging tenant needs amid ever-changing times.

Environmental Stewardship. DMW recognizes corporations’ role as stewards of the environment.  Across the organization, natural resources are used efficiently with energy and water conservation and waste management and recycling programs in place.  Our developments are planned to judiciously reduce consumption and emissions.

Good Governance and Ethical Business Practice. Good governance and adherence to ethical business practices are embedded in the Company’s DNA. This allows us to forge relationships with our business partners built on the foundation of mutual trust.

People-Centric Labor Practices. Just as DMW prioritizes the quality of life of its tenants, the company is also committed to ensuring the well-being of its employees, contractors, and partners through fundamental respect for human rights, providing avenues for growth, and ensuring a safe and conducive work environment.

Economic Development. As one of the top Philippine property companies in terms of market capitalization, DMW recognizes its role in contributing to the Philippine economy through payment of taxes, local procurement, and employment generation.

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