2024/05/14DMW’s 1Q2024 Net Income Grows to ₱551 million2024-05-14 14:49:00
2024/03/25DMW Declares Record-High Cash Dividends2024-03-25 17:02:00
2024/03/19DMW’s 2023 Net Income Increases Over Threefold to ₱7.3 Billion2024-03-19 20:39:13
2024/01/31DMW Ranks at the Top Quintile of S&P CSA – Real Estate2024-01-31 13:12:00
2023/11/13DMW’s 9M2023 Net Income Reaches ₱1.3 Billion on Robust Leasing Activities2023-11-13 02:05:14
2023/08/14DMW’s 1H2023 Net Income Reaches ₱913 Million2023-08-14 02:06:38
2023/05/12DMW’s 1Q2023 Net Income Reaches ₱526 Million2023-05-12 02:16:16
2023/03/16DMW Declares Highest Cash Dividend Yet in Fifth Consecutive Year of Dividend Distribution Since IPO2023-03-16 08:19:40
2023/03/15DMW’s 2022 Net Income Grows to ₱2.1 Billion2023-03-15 20:12:00
2023/02/27DMW Ranks in the Top Quintile of S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment2023-02-27 05:05:00
2022/11/14DMW’s 9M2022 Net Income Rises 39% YoY to ₱1.7 Billion2022-11-14 15:36:10
2022/10/13D.M. Wenceslao Celebrates Big Wins at the 10th Philippine Property Awards2022-10-13 15:13:00
2022/09/09D.M. Wenceslao Tops Off Fourth and Final Tower of MidPark Towers2022-09-09 09:05:59
2022/08/12DMW’s 1H2022 Net Income Jumps 56% to ₱1.3 Billion from ₱853 Million a Year Ago2022-08-12 00:54:55
2022/06/06D.M. Wenceslao Signs Contract of Lease with St. Luke’s Medical Center, Inc2022-06-06 07:03:38
2022/05/16DMW’s 1Q2022 Core Net Income Jumps Almost Three-Fold to ₱961 Million from ₱365 Million a Year Ago2022-05-16 08:20:58
2022/03/31DMW’s 2021 Core Net Income Jumps 44% yoy to ₱1.88 billion, Higher than Pre-Pandemic Core Net Income; DMW Grows Dividend to ₱0.060945 per Share2022-03-31 02:15:43
2022/01/26DMW Completes a New Land Sale in Aseana City2022-01-26 01:39:02
2022/01/11DMW Completes a Land Sale in Aseana City2022-01-11 06:49:15
2022/01/04Landers Land Lease2022-01-04 02:46:39
2021/12/09DMW Inaugurates 58 Jupiter Commercial Building in Makati City2021-12-09 06:44:24
2021/11/15D.M. Wenceslao and Associates, Inc.’s 9M2021 Core Net Income Grows 4% to ₱1.04 billion.2021-11-15 05:34:15
2021/10/29DMW’s Building Leasing Space Rises 76% to 160,000sqms with the Completion of 8912 Asean Ave.2021-10-29 08:18:48
2021/08/13D.M. Wenceslao and Associates, Inc. Reports 18% Increase in 1H2021 Net Income to ₱853 Million2021-08-13 05:30:27
2021/07/05Wenceslao Family Consolidates DMW Shareholding Under Family Holding Company2021-07-05 15:24:00
2021/05/21D.M. Wenceslao and Associates, Inc. Reports a 24% Increase in 1Q2021 Net Income to ₱552 Million2021-05-21 11:10:40
2021/03/15D.M. Wenceslao and Associates, Inc.’s net income reaches ₱2.13 billion in 20202021-03-15 08:07:06
2020/11/13DMW’s Net Income rises 11% to P1.86 billion in 9M 20202020-11-13 15:40:00
2020/10/02DMW acquires property in Makati City2020-10-02 02:21:10
2020/08/13DMW Reports Nets 716.5M 2Q 20202020-08-13 15:28:00
2020/05/15DMW Reports 72% Increase in Revenue and Operating Income in 1Q 2020, Approves P1 Billion Share Buyback Program2020-05-15 01:44:58
2020/02/20DMW Delivers 24% Net Income Growth to P2.37 billion in 20192020-02-20 01:10:54
2020/02/18DMW Signs MOU with St. Luke’s Medical Center2020-02-18 01:15:27
2019/12/19DMW to Pursue More Reclamation Projects2019-12-19 04:30:48
2019/10/30DMW Net Income Reaches P1.65 billion in 9M 2019, up 11%2019-10-30 04:09:45
2019/10/25DMW Completes Land Sale in Aseana City for P935.85 million2019-10-25 00:39:17
2019/10/07Nissan Car Dealership Coming to Aseana City2019-10-07 03:33:07
2019/07/31DMW Net Income Up 17% to P1.1 billion in 1H 20192019-07-31 02:52:28
2019/06/06MidPark Towers Pre-Sales Hit 90% Take-up; Launches Third Residential Tower2019-06-06 04:52:54
2019/05/10DMW Net Income Grows 9% to P507 million in 1Q 20192019-05-10 01:35:40
2019/02/18DMW Net Income Accelerates 23% to P1.9 billion in 20182019-02-18 02:58:44
2019/02/15DMW Declares Special Cash Dividend2019-02-15 06:46:49
2018/11/20MidPark Towers Launch Sales Exceed P1.2 billion2018-11-20 08:19:16
2018/11/13DMW On Track to Surpass 2017 Net Income2018-11-13 08:18:09
2018/11/08MidPark Towers Receives License to Sell2018-11-08 08:16:54
2018/09/27Aseana Three Secures PEZA Accreditation2018-09-27 08:14:54
2018/07/31DMW Net Income Rises 42% to P970 million in 1H 20182018-07-31 08:13:59
2018/06/29DMW Completes P8.1 billion Initial Public Offering2018-06-29 08:11:54
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