2022/12/01OHS Policy2022-12-01 17:39:00
2019/10/29Material Related Party Transactions Policy2019-10-29 03:38:56

DMWAI is committed to provide high quality service to the local and global community by ensuring that requirements are met by continually improving the quality management system.

  1. To provide QUALITY SERVICE to meet customer satisfaction;
  2. To develop our team to become effective and efficient in their areas of responsibilities;
  3. To provide a safe and conductive working environment for the people;
  4. To understand, anticipate and meet unique requirements of customers;
  5. To ensure compliance with applicable local and international requirements of various agencies; and
  6. To continuously improve the quality management system of the company.
Conflict of Interest
  • Moonlighting or rendering services with pay for another employer without knowledge or approval of Management.
  • Engaging, participating or involving oneself, directly or indirectly, in any transaction and/or business undertaking that is prejudicial to the interest of the Company.
  • Having any participation or involvement, direct or indirect, in any transaction involving any person, firm, corporation or any business enterprises with which the Company, directly or indirectly, has a current commercial relationship
Bribery, Solicitation, Extortion
  • Bribing or offering, soliciting or receiving: money, gift, share, benefits, favor from any person, or through the mediation of another, to influence conduct or to perform an act prejudicial to the Company
  • Extorting or soliciting contributions, money, material objects, free meals, signing privileges, discounts, and other special favors, for any purpose not sanctioned by the Company.
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