As D.M. Wenceslao and Associates, Inc. strives to build a better nation by creating sustainable city-scale real estate products, the policies, processes, and programs of its leasing, construction, residential and land sale businesses are focused and aligned to support these four (4) main pillars of sustainability:

• Building Dreams

• Bridging Relationships

• Crossing Boundaries

• Housing Innovative Minds


Building Dreams. We believe in more than building infrastructures. Each project leads to the ultimate goal of a more urban forward Philippines.

Bridging Relationships. Each relationship we enter into is a partnership. We aim to align not just with business deals but also ideals and visions.

Crossing Boundaries. We took upon ourselves the challenge of creating something out of nothing with our Aseana City project. Here, we turned water into land and land into life.

Housing Innovative Minds. Every individual that bears the title of being a DMWAI employee is exceedingly qualified and equipped in their respective areas and functions. We believe in our people. We recognize the importance of having a strong team of management and technical personnel to meet our growth plans.

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