Sustainability is an integral part of the way D.M. Wenceslao conducts its business.

DMWAI believes its business inherently brings a positive impact on the world. The company is committed to its fundamental duty of managing the environmental impact of the properties it builds and ensuring the sustainability of the communities where it operates. The developments it creates increase the supply of prime office and commercial spaces in Metro Manila, address housing demand for city living and encourage walkability for all.

The Company’s sustainability journey is guided upon by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, which are anchored on the principle of materiality, inculcating a reporting discipline on topics that either reflects the organization’s significant economic, environmental, and social impacts or those that substantively influence the assessments and decisions of stakeholders regarding their relationship with the company.



Average Daily Passengers in Eco-Jeepneys.

188,800 kWh

Total Energy Savings due to conversion to LED lighting

243,088 HOURS

Safe Man-Hours

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