Official Statement on COVID-19

Official Statement on COVID-19

Dear Stakeholders,

In view of the recent COVID-19 development in Metro Manila, we at DM Wenceslao Inc. support the announcement of our President regarding the “Community Quarantine” of Metro Manila. It is the Company’s interest that we help prevent the spread of the above-mentioned virus.

As a background, we have already implemented preventive measures as early as January of this year when the first information of this virus came out. In our very own workplace, alcohols are strategically placed, constant Hand Washing are enforced, and we doubled the rate of the sanitation of our estate, properties, and offices. We also deferred Company initiated activities for our employees as this can be an avenue where our workforce can be exposed.

Recently, we have required our employees to practice the advice of Department of Health on Social Distancing, where meetings should be done virtually to maintain a 1-meter distance from each other. This will help us protect not only our employees but also our stakeholders and partners.

To ensure that our Project deliverables and Operations are not hampered, we have immediately enforced our own Business Continuity Response and implemented an alternate work schedule which will help decrease the number of employees in our offices. We also activated our HR Employee Hotline, where employees can immediately report cases, concerns, or inquire regarding initiatives and procedures implemented on Infectious Diseases. On top of this, we extensively monitor our employees twice a day to ensure that we have a productive and healthy workforce.

International Travel is also a major means where the virus can spread, we have also enforced measures to limit if not prevent employees to travel and if need be, they will be subject to the required home quarantine of 14 days.

Rest assured, that the safety of our stakeholders, tenants, customers, and especially our employees are on top of our minds. We are one and committed to give our utmost support with the LGUs where our properties are located and to the Government in this fight to end this threat.

In this time of Public Health Crisis, each industry must do their part to help prevent and implement measures to overcome this challenge.

Stay healthy and safe.

Delfin Angelo “Buds” Wenceslao
Chief Executive Officer

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